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Anuswaram # 1

Anuswaram # 1

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      Anuswaram in Carnatic parlance means a note between notes and denotes complex melodic  movements that rāga-s tend to employ.

     We sometimes receive small lots of coffee that  really captivate us with their complexity or innovative processing and thought Anuswaram was a fitting name for featuring these small interesting lots.

    The first of this series is a special hand-washed arabica from Salawara estate in Belur(Karnataka). In an effort to eke out more complexity from the washed process, the coffee has been fermented for 72 hrs post pulping and then carefully washed by hand to get rid of the sticky mucilage.

    The end result, is a cup that is delightfully sweet , fruity and very pulpy without losing out the clarity that washed coffees are known for.

     Anuswaram #1 is the daily driver at Kāpikottai HQ and we hope to see more coffees which strike the balance between clarity and complexity in such an artful manner.

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About Anuswaram #1


Salawara estate, Belur


900-1000 m ASL


Hand washed Arabica (72hr ferment)

Tasting Notes

Sugarcane | Orange Pulp | Berries

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