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Origin             :  Gowri Estate, Yercaud

Altitude          :  1310m ASL

Processing     :  Pulp sun-dried (Black honey)

Tasting Notes : Brown sugar / Citrus / Ripe berries

Roast Level     :  Medium-Light

Grown in the Komalikkal Kuttai field of Gowri estate (Yercaud), this coffee was the first honey process coffee we roasted and instantly fell in love with.

The coffee (an eclectic mix of Sanramon, HRC and SLN09) is picked ripe, pulped and then dried along with all of its mucilage intact. This method of processing initiates  fermentation in two stages  (black honey being the trade name)  and imbibes the beans with a lot of sweetness and a wonderful, partly fruity, partly citrus acidity if treated right. We have roasted this lot, medium to highlight the sweetness and it shines across all manual brewing methods.

Ever since we got the first sample of this coffee two years ago, our roaster has been humming the raga Bhūshāvali and hence the name!