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Origin             : Mooleh manay Estate, Coorg

Altitude          : 1000m ASL

Processing     : Double fermented Red honey

Tasting Notes : Berries, Sugarcane, Wine like

Roast Level     : Medium-Light

'Curveball'; our speciality grade excelsa offering ( the first in India) is back! Consistency being the name of the game, this year's lot is complex and also wonderfully balanced.

The cherries have been picked ripe and soaked in barrels filled with water. Then it's a dry ferment post pulping with all the mucilage intact. Finally, the coffee is dried on raised African beds for even drying.

All this care results in a cup that's berry like, slightly nutty and possesses oodles of sweetness! A pleasant hint of wine towards the end really rounds out the sensory experience

Like always, this is a coffee to be savoured at leisure, the colder it gets the more pleasantly citrusy it becomes.

It can work with milk but please try it black to really experience the creative effort that the good folks of South India coffee company have put into this bean.