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Microlot #1

Microlot #1

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Origin             :  Krishnagiri estate, Chikmagalur

Altitude          :  1400m ASL

Processing     :  Pulp sun-dried(yellow honey)

Tasting Notes: Toasted nuts/citrus/hints of red apple

Roast Level     :  Medium


We thought of starting 2022 with the first of our microlot series! We get a lot of interesting coffees samples which are from small lots that have been processed with a lot of care that we have wanted to feature for sometime now. This series is an attempt at just that and features either new farms that we are excited to work with or unique limited edition lots from our existing planter partners.

Microlot #1 is a yellow honey from Krishnagiri estate, Chikmagalur. Grown at an altitude of 1400 m above sea level, these dense slow maturing beans have been roasted medium to highlight a delicious nuttiness they possess , without losing out on the fruity acidity.

This super balanced and complex coffee is a good fit for all manual methods and also yields a good single origin espresso if dialled in with care.

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