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Origin : Anugraha Estate, Kodaikanal 

Altitude : 1300m ASL

Processing : Aerobic Naturals (spray free)

Tasting Notes : Cherry/ Strawberry/hints of florals

Roast Level : Medium-light 

     Our newest offering is probably our most complex one yet! Located in the Perumal Malai region of Kodaikanal(one of the highest coffee growing regions in the country), Anugraha Estate is a new entrant to the speciality coffee scene and boy, are we glad they decided to do naturals this year. 

     This is a selectively picked single varietal(SLN-795) natural that has been slow dried in the shade for optimal water activity.

     The resulting cup has oodles of fruitiness but also a delicate body and hints of florals; traits that are rather uncommon in Indian coffees processed this way.

     This fantastic arabica really surprised us this year with its complexity and delicateness and we cannot recommend the coffee enough to people who like to drink their coffee black. Our roaster was humming the rāga Navarōj from the minute he ground the test roast(hence the name). An experience that must not be missed!


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Anugraha Estate, Kodaikanal 

Tasting Notes

Cherry/ Strawberry/hints of florals

Roast Level