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Origin             :  Madhu Agro plantation, Koraput, Odisha

Altitude          :  900m ASL

Processing     :  Washed

Tasting Notes : Jaggery / Toasted nuts / Orange

Roast Level     : Medium-light

We have been meaning to source from this non traditional coffee region from a while now. It has finally happened ,thanks to Kalinga Desiagro foundation and boy are we glad we waited for this one!

This is a single varietal lot from Madhu Agro plantation, with the varietal being Kents(one of the oldest arabica cultivars in India). The processing is a good ol' washed that highlights the excellence of the varietal and terroir.

All the tales about the cup quality of a well grown Kents really comes through in this coffee with the cup having a jaggery like sweetness, a pleasant nuttiness and a rounded acidity that reminded our roaster of oranges.

This coffee had our roaster humming the rāga sārangā and we hope this is the first of many coffees we source from Koraput and Madhu Agro!

Sārangā the coffee is a zesty delight across all manual brewing methods though we particularly enjoy this as an aeropress brew.