Aeropress: The Kāpikottai way

Aeropress: The Kāpikottai way



      Invented by Alan Adler, the Aeropress is one of the youngest coffee brewers around and possibly the most versatile. We have personally tried many different ways of brewing with this giant coffee syringe and found something to like in every single recipe.

      What we share below is our favourite recipe for brewing a black coffee on the Aeropress:


Coffee Dose: 22g

Water dose :  220g

Water temp :

  • 94 degrees C for light and medium roasts
  • 88 degrees C for dark roasts
Grind size : At the finer end of coarse (finer than a French press grind but coarser than a pourover grind)

Brewing style: Inverted


1. Place the Aeropress plunger side down on the counter and add your coffee into the Aeropress.
2. Place appear or cloth filter on the Aeropress lid and give it a good rinse(optional for paper but very necessary for cloth)

3. Star the timer and initially pour 44g water and stir the slurry (coffee and water mixture) well using a hot spoon
4. Add the full quota of 220g water to the Aeropress when the timer hits 50 secs.
5. Stir the slurry with a hot spoon(6 times is a good ball park number). The aim here is to agitate the slurry to increase extraction
6. At 1 min 15, close but don’t lock the lid.
7. A1 min 20, open the lid and stir once more with a hot spoon
8. Invert the Aeropress and begin pressing at 1 min 30. Press as gently as you can to avoid channeling.
9. Brew should end by the time the timer hits 2 min - 2 min 15 sec.
10. Stir the coffee well and sip away!

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