Our Roastery

       Based in Kilpauk (a leafy Chennai suburb), Kāpikottai HQ is the base for our green coffee storage, roasting and ops.

      Green coffee is carefully stored in climate controlled conditions, in hermetically sealed bags. We find that optimum storage goes a long way in ensuring ideal coffee quality (a lot of trial and error was involved to come to this conclusion and set up!)


      We roast on an induction-based roaster, Aillio’s bullet r1 v2. It’s a compact machine that we have fallen in love with for its versatility, efficiency and overall eco friendliness. It’s physical and thermal footprint (thanks to induction technology) is very small compared to the output and that makes it probably one of the greenest machines out there! It also possesses state of the art temperature probes, including an infrared sensor, that ensures consistency of roast, no matter the batch size.

      Each coffee is carefully profiled (those temperature sensors help greatly with this) using roast software and every batch is cupped (a protocol for comparative tasting, think wine tasting but with coffee) to ensure consistency before being packed and shipped.

     Kāpikottai HQ is also a pretty green place and you can find a lot of native tree saplings, some of them donated by the estate partners we work with.


     We love having people over so please feel free to drop by (just let us know over DM beforehand) and see the goings-on for yourself, probably over a cup of our coffee.