Our Story

        Started in late 2018 , Kāpikottai (literally coffee beans in Tamil) is an attempt at highlighting the excellence and uniqueness of Indian coffees and getting the conversation started about traceability, social equity and low environmental impact in the Indian coffee ecosystem.

        We are very committed to trading directly with the farms we source from and establishing a long standing, empathetic business relationship with the planters involved. Growing and processing good coffee in India is hard work and we do our best to understand the challenges this throws up.

        This venture began life as a passion project (started out of a home kitchen, of all places) in Chennai, where there is a lot of coffee but not much that is either traceable or speciality. Therefore, our main focus is to make excellent coffees more accessible and hopefully get people wondering about the journey taken by their cuppa’ Joe or piping hot tumbler of filter kapi!