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About Kāpikottai

Our Mission

Make traceable coffee more accessible

Get the conversation started about a more equitable supply chain

Roast and source damn good Indian coffee

Our Coffees


Are you regular coffee drinker? You can sign up for our subscription service and get your caffeine fix timed to your requirements.


Kāpikottai Coffees

I’m loving everything I try from Kāpikottai!



Super fruity and sweet! A must have for people who like sweetish coffee with a lingering aftertaste!

Love Joshi


Taste notes are definitely on a darker side. Good body and long finish. Also, a hint of some sour fruits peel, giving a slight brightness.



This is way closer to what I'd generally relate to the aroma / flavour of coffee. Sometimes real good coffee is all the tasting note one needs.


Kilpauk Standard

Finally got myself a freshly roasted kapikottai. The soul soothing aroma and taste is out of the world. Must try for all coffee lovers!!! Thank you for the bag of goodness!

Lakshmi Priya

Our store

228 C, Kilpauk Garden Lane, Kilpauk, Chennai

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