Moganad Estate

    Nestled in a valley in the North-western corner of the Shevroys, Moganad estate grows, in our opinion, some of the best coffee of the region.



   Both arabica and robusta are grown here; with the varietals being SLn 09, Sln 5B(arabica) and CxR(robusta). All coffee is grown under dense shade  which includes native trees like Jackfruit , Jamun , Cluster fig;  fruit trees like Durian,Surinam cherry  and some silver oak.  The heterogeneous shade and sheltered topography bestow Moganad with a unique micro climate , which in turn results in the coffee being unusually  dense for the altitude(1200-1400m) and very flavourful.



  The estate is managed by MSP coffee , a firm run by Mr. Navin Rajes, Mr.Ashok Rajes and Mr.Kamalesh Pandianathan. The three hereditary coffee planters are also avid coffee connoisseurs who believe in efficient estate management and scaling up speciality coffee. They have incorporated a lot of good management practices from their corporate stints , into the running of the estate.  These include performance based incentives for estate staff , extremely thorough record keeping and giving estate managers  the responsibility of delegating labour , managing the nitty-gritty  for the various post harvest processes.  Such practices negate the need for excessive micro management and  also motivates the workforce to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with the coffees grown in the Subcontinent.