Mooleh Manay Estate

        Located very close to the Harangi reservoir (north-central Coorg); Mooleh Manay estate (corner House in Kannada) was started by Ms. G.G Padmashree in 2013, a 4th generation planter.

        The farm is now managed by the duo of Komal Sable and Akshay Dashrath and produces some of the most exciting coffees in India at the moment (including possibly, India's first specialty Excelsa).



         They primarily grow arabica and robusta at Mooleh Manay along with a bit of excelsa. All coffees are processed with a lot of care and grown very sustainably without weedicides in most blocks (it's all manual weeding, sometimes with just simple hand tools) and judicious use of fertilisers. Jungle trees are aplenty in the estate as primary shade-givers including uncommon species like Artocarpus Hirsutus(wild jack) and Adina cordifolia (yellow teak).



We have been sourcing from Mooleh Manay since our inception (Mind=Blown being our OG best-selling coffee) and we hope to keep working with them for a really long time and feature more of their fun experimental coffees!