Unakki Estate

     Named for an ancient snake den located within its premises , Unakki estate is located in the Joldal palya region of Chikmagalur. It is primarily managed by Mr. P.E. Suresh, a 4th generation planter, who is ably assisted by his wife, Mrs Y.J. Sahara and son , Mr Utsav Gowda.

      The 100 acre property is situated at an altitude of 1100-1300m above sea level and abounds with native shade, that includes trees like Jackfruit, rosewood, avocado, Dadap and Indian Kino.



      Arabica (largely the chandragiri varietal) is the primary crop of Unakki estate and it is intercropped with Banana, oranges , avocado and Pomegranate.

      The estate now boasts of 40-50 person strong permanent labour force and aims to be a leader in coffee quality in the region. Special mention to Rakhi, R.D Prakash, Suraj and Thyagaraj for their help with this vision.

       We have always marvelled at the high levels of sweetness of Unakki's Arabica ; right from their first foray into speciality coffee in the year 2021 till today! They plan to delve deeper into processing for speciality in the coming years and we can't wait to see the results!