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Anuswaram #2

Anuswaram #2

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Anuswaram in Carnatic parlance means a note between notes and denotes complex melodic movements that rāga-s tend to employ.

We sometimes receive small lots of coffee that really captivate us with their complexity or innovative processing. We feel that Anuswaram is a fitting name for featuring these intriguing lots.

The second in this series is a very special natural from our OG farm partner, Mooleh Manay.

The estate has been experimenting with growing cultures to be used in fermentation for a couple of years and this particular lot was lot was fermented with a starter culture grown from grapes.


Climate change is an unfortunate reality in today's world and this lot uses only cherries which have split or haven't ripened fully  because of unseasonal rainfall.
The splits and semi ripes have been dried for a day , fermented in sealed bags using this culture and then slow dried on raised beds. The drying has been done over a fortnight inside poly tunnels 

The resulting cup is a riot of fruity flavours , chocolatey sweetness and a rose like florality. What amazed us the most about this coffee is its sweetness and drinkability. The complexity is never overbearing and the cup is 'clean' despite all the fruity flavours.

Anuswaram #2 is a delight across all manual brews , especially shining as a pourover with a V60. What is truly staggering about this lot of coffee is that the estate has found a way to use produce which is normally deemed defective and elevate it to speciality status. Kudos to the good folks at Mooleh Manay for pushing the boundaries when it comes to ingenuity and refinement of a process.

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About Anuswaram #2


Mooleh manay estate, Coorg


1000m ASL


Fruit-Culture Naturals

Tasting Notes

Blueberry | Cocoa Liquor | Rose

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