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Origin             :  Joldal Palya, Chikmagalur

Altitude          : 1255- 1525 m ASL

Processing     :  washed, fermented

Tasting Notes : Jaggery/ Green apple/citrus

Roast Level     : medium-light


  Collectives and co-operatives are as of yet, rare entities in the in the Indian speciality coffee scene. They are also a very neat way for small holder farms to pool resources and scale their coffee production, both from a quality and a quantity perspective and access new markets.


 Keeping these things in mind; we are very excited to work with the Unakki coffee collective this year and bring to you this bright and complex washed coffee!


 For this lot, SLN-13 , SLN 09 and SLN 795(Arabica varietals) cherries have been deskinned (pulping is the term for it in coffee lingo) and fermented in a sealed barrel for 12 hours, then washed and put out to dry.


 The result of all this careful processing is a very bright , sweet and complex cup that strikes the right balance between being interesting and also very drinkable(this is the daily driver in kāpikottai HQ these days).


 This coffee has our roaster humming the rāga bahār and we cannot believe that this is Unakki's first year of doing speciality coffee in a very focussed manner!


Bahār (the coffee) is a delight across all manual brewing methods and can also yield a good complex shot of espresso if dialled in with care.