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Origin             : Gungegiri estate, Chikmagalur

Altitude          : 1310m ASL

Processing     : Pulp sun-dried (yellow honey)

Tasting Notes : Sweet lime/ Brown sugar/ Cashew

Roast Level     : Medium

Our newest coffee is also our most balanced and sweetest! The beans come from the highest block of Gungegiri estate in Chikmagalur , at an altitude of 1350m above sea level.

The slow maturing dense beans are picked ripe and processed as a yellow honey with a long-controlled fermentation, a process that has been refined to perfection by the Sangameshwar coffee estates (a pioneer in the speciality movement for coffee in India). 

The resulting cup starts off as citrusy and ends in a very velvety partly citrus and partly cashew like finish. The sweetness is perceptible right as one begins brewing and pervades through the brew. The roast level being right on medium also highlights this lovely balance.

This coffee had us humming Hamīrkalyāni (the raga) right when we first sampled it and shines across all manual brewing methods. A definite must-try!

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