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Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

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 Our most loved light roast from last year is back!

After the stellar response we got for let there be light , we asked the good folks at MSP coffee if they can make this coffee even sweeter and boy have they delivered!

For this year's lot, coffee was chosen from one of the higher fields of Moganad estate. Fermentation was done in two stages, one in cherry from and another post pulping and in an anoxic enviornment.

The result of all this careful fermentation is a cup that screams sweetness right from the get go and becomes very berry like as it cools. Texture on the palate is neither too delicate nor too heavy, making this a very drinkable yet complex coffee.

Let there be light is a delight across all manual brews but we are particularly enjoying this year's crop over the V60 with a 1:16 ratio or an aeropress with a 1:14 ratio.

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About Let There Be Light


Moganad Estate, Yercaud


1250 m ASL


Washed, Lactic process

Tasting Notes

Sugarcane / White Chocolate / Berries

Roast Level


Customer Reviews

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Let There Be Light

Prashant Sharma

Let There Be Light

Shambo Roy Choudhury
So good!

Although not my favourite from Kapi Kottai (those would be curveball and mind blown), Let there be light is very very nice in its own way, just a no nonsense light roast which goes with pretty much anything!

Shivam Sharma

I'm still trying to adjust the brew. Lovely Coffee.

Soumyadeep Chattopadhyay
Amazing coffee, profiled very well.

It is very difficult to make a bad cup of coffee with these beans. I have tried them across quite a few recipes and it usually behaves very accurately to the listed tasting notes. While it is possible to extract very fruity/berry like flavors, milk chocolate and sugarcane notes are pretty much always present. It usually has a light,sweet body, though some tweaks to brewing can make a very heavy bodied coffee as well. The aftertaste is long and wonderful reminiscent of chocolates and roasted nuts.