Let There Be Light

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Origin             : Moganad estate, Yercaud

Altitude          : 1097 m ASL

Processing      : Washed, Sequentially fermented 

Tasting Notes : Jaggery/ Sugarcane/ Berries

Roast Level     : Medium light


We source some really well grown and well processed washed coffee from Moganad estate and we think tying it down to one roast profile is downright criminal!

So here is the washed arabica from atthimaram thundu field of Moganad estate in a light roast avatar!

This lot of Sln.9 arabica has been fermented sequentially, once in cherry form and another time when de-pulped(anoxically, this time). When roasted light, this results in a sweet, berry-like and a surprisingly balanced cup that is a delight across most manual brewing methods be it the pour-over, AeroPress, clever dripper or French press. This is as good as it gets for an Indian washed process coffee!