Mind = Blown

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Origin              : Mooleh manay Estate, Coorg

Altitude           : 1000m ASL

Processing     :  Naturals Sun-dried

Tasting Notes : Peach / Blueberries / Sugarcane

Roast Level     : Medium-Light

Our OG best seller is back once again in all of its fruity glory! 

For this year, the coffee cherries have been dried (as carefully as ever) in a polytunnel on account of the unseasonal rainfall during harvest. The slow and even drying on raised beds causes the cherries to ferment within the fruit and results in a very complex cup.

This year's crop is no different, and brims with a  bright fruitiness that is present right from when you open the bag to when you finish your brew!

There's a reason, why this coffee put us on the map a few years ago. It is very easy to dial in and a delight across all brewing methods!