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Origin             : Gowri estate, Yercaud

Altitude          : 1310m ASL

Processing     : Anaerobic naturals

Tasting Notes : Stone fruit/Sweet citrus/Syrupy

Roast Level     : Medium-light


Here is another offering from our go-to place in Yercaud - Gowri estate. Grown at the Maatupatti Mattam field(named so because of the presence of an erstwhile cowshed), ripe cherries have been fermented in a low oxygen environment for 24 hours and shade dried within the cherry for 14 day, to create this lot of green coffee.

The end result is a very lively cup brimming with a partly fruity, partly citrus acidity that lingers in the palate for a while.

This was a surprise find for us last year and boy did  this make our roaster sing. So much so, that this was the first coffee to be christened after a rāga! 

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