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 Tōdi the rāga packs a punch and so does this coffee!

Sourced from Krishnagiri estate  , high up in the Chandra drona hills(a.k.a the Giris) of Chikmagalur, this yellow honey Arabica fascinated us with both it's density and versatility. Both light and dark roasts resulted in delightful cups during testing , with even the dark-roasted brews being very sweet.

 We at kāpikottai believe in offering quality coffees to dark roast lovers as well and hence decided to roast this sugar-bomb dark. Tōdi the coffee is meant to be drunk with milk but also makes for a smooth french press or aeropress brews with notes of raisins and the distinct sweetness of a dark caramel.

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About Tōdi


Krishnagiri estate, Chikmagalur


1500m ASL


Pulp sun-dried (yellow honey) arabica

Tasting Notes

Dark Caramel | Toasted Nuts | Raisins

Roast Level